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Review of Korona iz list'ev

SubjectKorona iz list'ev
The Crown of Leaves: Chapter 2
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Lavilledieu on 2024-02-12
Review(review made for chapters 1 & 2)

This visual novel is first and foremost a visual experience. It’s incredibly visually pleasing and contains a ton of awesome artwork.
A small warning: this fvn is still in development. The different chapters get released as dlc. It's a paid visual novel but it will most likely end up being very cheap.

+++ Stunning visuals. A real visual experience. The cg has been integrated into beautiful cutscenes.
+ Chapter 2 has better pacing and is very interesting.
+ Consequently, I feel invested with the story.
+ Cheap, even when the different chapters get released as dlc. I’ll be honest, this game will probably end up too cheap. I secretly hope they make the game more expensive so the devs receive the money they should get.
+ There is a minigame with deciphering constellations that is well-designed, short and sweet. You can even skip it.
+ Has point-and-click but doesn’t seem to overdo it. Only the first two locations have a lot to click on, the remaining areas don’t have nearly as much. Fortunately! Small hint: you can press the L-key to see the areas which you can interact with.
+ The game has a lot of characters, all with their own artwork. The role or importance of the characters you meet is imo difficult to predict, which is imo a good point.
+ Extensive soundtrack. Like, really huge. I’m not high on many of the songs but I still do like several of them, so combined with being so extensive, it’s a positive point I have to mention. The soundtrack dlc is way too cheap.
± I like the design of the glossary (mindscape), inventory and objectives, but I have the impression that the game isn’t consistent with it. You can also use items directly from the inventory which was to me very counter-intuitive.
- The beginning was tough. At first I thought it was badly translated and I did indeed notice mistakes. Later it dawned to me there was another difficulty: the game uses words I’m not used to (like vardo) and the game uses a lot of lore-specific words in the beginning without really explaining them (like Parba). I think the quality of the translation improved a lot, as I only struggled in the beginning. Still, I do find conversations hard to follow at times.
- Chapter 1 felt short. Related to that, to me, it felt the story and lore advanced in big jumps, creating a weird pacing.
- I have the impression you’re actually almost ought to do the side quests.
-- I didn't see a skip seen text button. There could be real routes here, I don't know, as without the skip button I'm not inclined to explore what the choices do.
--- Development is slow. Which is understandable considering the stunning visuals. This visual novel should cost more on steam to create budget for a faster development.
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