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Review of Maternity Monsters! ~Junjou na Inma to Seijun na Fujun Isei Kouyuu!~

SubjectMaternity Monsters! ~Junjou na Inma to Seijun na Fujun Isei Kouyuu!~
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barfboy on 2024-02-21
ReviewEleonora Vletoblood is done dirty in this. I didn’t find her standalone title to be very compelling but she absolutely did not deserve the way she’s treated in this. Tsukinashi Maya deserves a much higher score but the way they treat Nora in this is so awful I can’t give this game a higher score than it gets. This is not the way to treat your girlfriend and it CERTAINLY isn’t the way to treat your WIFE and Nora is his wife.

Sigh. So what goes wrong?

It’s at the end when Maya tries to run away. After she’s falling for Taichi due to her past she finds it difficult to be with him and tries to run away. So Taichi tries running after her Nora tells him not to go. To leave her alone. So he tells Inabashiro Hakua and Rougamine Ooko to rape Nora to prevent her from complaining while he goes off to bring Maya back.

Goddamn it. Imagine for a moment a different scenario. One where Nora still acts and says the same thing to Taichi, only this time, because he’s her husband He stops, walks over to Nora, gives her a hug, and whispers to her he will always love her. Then he asks calmly if he can please help Maya the way he helped her. She loves Taichi. I can’t imagine she would take a moment to think, while he’s holding her, and say that she won’t let him go save Maya.

What a difference that scene could have made. What does he think about Nora? We know she loves him but other than having sex with her, we’ve never seen him actually DO something that shows he loves her the same. What is she then? Just a meat hole? Oh no, my tsundere wife is being tsundere, I should treat her like shit. Dude, you married a tsundere, do you actually love her or not?

Nora deserved better.

Maya’s route though, doesn’t deserve all this drama either. Maya’s problem is that she doesn’t feel like she deserves to be loved. Ever since people learned she was a succubus their attitude toward her is that she’s an unwanted slut. She didn’t go to a school where sex in encouraged and nobody took the time to learn who she was. To his credit, Taichi looks past that to who Maya really is. For the lack of proof that Taichi actually loves Nora, they sure do show he loves the other girls.
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