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Review of Maternity Monsters! ~4 nin no Seisai to Kozukuri Shinkon Harem Seikatsu!~

SubjectMaternity Monsters! ~4 nin no Seisai to Kozukuri Shinkon Harem Seikatsu!~
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barfboy on 2024-02-21
ReviewThey did Eleonora Vletoblood dirty in the previous title. She gets her revenge in this. After successfully knocking up Tsukinashi Maya Nora is impregnated next. For a brief moment, Nora gets to gloat and Nora loves to gloat. She’s really cute being haughty.

The sad story this time is Inabashiro Hakua Although this is supposed to be a harem title, this is Hakua’s route 2.0. After Taichi gets Rougamine Ooko Pregnant that makes every wife pregnant but Hakua. Hakua is utterly devastated. She’s his first wife, they’ve been married the longest, she should have gotten pregnant first. She’s even a bunny and she’s not pregnant yet. This is Taichi’s second chance to prove he loves Hakua. This time he needs to show her that being pregnant is not necessary for him to love her. He also needs to keep trying to put a baby in her.

It’s not really a spoiler to say she gets pregnant in the end. This isn’t a nakige. It’s not trying to be anything but what it is. A cute story about cute monster girls having sex with the protagonist. Everyone gets their chance to have a baby. The final scene is even them pregnant with their second/third while surrounded by their kids. That type of ending isn’t done often enough. Thanks for it this time Snack Factory, wish you didn’t go out of business.
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