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Review of Futaba☆Channel 2

SubjectFutaba☆Channel 2
Futaba☆Channel 2 - Download Edition
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barfboy on 2024-02-21
ReviewThis game would gat a higher rating if the 3rd game wasn’t my favorite. It’s actually tainted by the fact that the 3rd game did it better.

That said, this is a perfectly enjoyable game! There are 2 major routes in this game.

Route 1. The loli yuri sex route with Futaba Why exactly is there a loli yuri sex route with Futaba? Who knows. Futaba is pretty much guaranteed to be the reason Shiina Yuuki is turning into Shiina Yuuki I don’t remember exactly how Futaba pulled this off, it’s been a couple of years since I played this, and I don’t remember Futaba ever admitting to it but he/she is the one with the soap so it’s their fault. The loli yuri sex route with Futaba isn’t a main route. There’s some sex scenes and the game ends somewhat abruptly.

Route 2 The real route is the one where Yuuki is in a loli yuri lesbian sex paradise with Imamura Aoi And Kishima Tomo together. The problem is that this time, since there’s only two routes, this is the one where you have to pass through the rape by Ichijima Seiji

So enjoy! I told you the 3rd game does it better. Moving on, if you’re willing to put up with Yuuki getting raped by his teacher it’s not bad. There’s some scenes of Yuuki raped in the pool, during gym class, after school and so on but it’s pretty cute. Yuuki isn’t even terribly put off by it, sex as a girl feels good, he’s mostly just annoyed by it. Plus he sees it as a chance to keep Seiji at bay so he can put his hands on Aoi and Tomo. He even explains this straight up. Seiji is free to fuck him so long as he doesn’t interrupt Yuuki’s plan to turn Aoi and Tomo gay.

The meanwhile Futaba, uh, this version Yuuki Futaba puts Yuuki to work as a waitress at his cafe. There’s also a side story where she fucks Nakadou Ken but it’s more of a side quest.
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