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Review of Kamaitachi no Yoru

SubjectKamaitachi no Yoru
Kamaitachi no Yoru - Rinne Saisei
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ayuanx on 2024-02-21
ReviewYou probably won't agree with me, but I think this game should really be made into a soft-core Eroge, particularly when the Windows version is already rated as 18+ and clearly not able to make any sale to kids in current state anyway. After all, the story alone of this game is just too short and it really needs something as a filler to enrich the gameplay.

If you are too smart then the game is already over in a few minutes and there isn't that much fun for you. It is a shame, because I doubt people who can figure out the truth early by themselves have the incentive to explore all those bad endings anymore. (At least I don't.) Even if they do, there still won't be much fun for them because they already know the truth so all the bad endings only become "funny", in the bad way.

Only when you can't figure out the truth, you may find some fun during the desperate exploration of all the bad endings over and over again without avail. Yes, this game is intentionally made such that if you can't figure out the exit at the earliest chance given to you, you will be trapped in the cage no matter which direction you try, because all directions are dead ends.

I wish they could have added more scenes and events to extend the gameplay for the true ending, or the common part before the true ending--for example, like I mentioned earlier, making it into an Eroge--instead of spending all the effort on the bad endings. After all, there is nothing but killing in the bad endings, so I wonder how many people could really enjoy it when trapped in the branches of bad endings.

PS: I wonder whether "Gainax Renzoku Satsujin Jiken" (ガイナックス連続殺人事件) got its inspiration from this game, because the backdrop setting is just too similar.
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