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Review of Summer Pockets

SubjectSummer Pockets
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kuroonehalf on 2024-02-21
ReviewSummer Pockets is the story of a somewhat depressed young guy visiting his aunt in the countryside in the hopes of rekindling the childhood joy for summer vacations. It starts off with a nice calming atmosphere, spending our days strolling around the island and getting to know a quirky but charming cast of characters, with nice pacing and atmosphere. Every day you get to choose who you spend time with, and if you've accumulated enough points with a given heroine by the 10th day, you automatically begin her route. This whole starting part of the game is great, and if I were to rate it based on that alone, I'd give this a glowing recommendation. Sadly, that's less than 20% of the game.

Most of the runtime is in the aforementioned heroine routes, and unfortunately their quality does not reflect the quality of the common route. Meditative exploration and fun interactions are replaced with bad melodrama. In trying to tug at your heartstrings, the writers introduce dumb contrivances, gloss over gaping plot holes, and make the protagonist seem like an imbecile. All with much less tight pacing that continuously grinds down your patience. I managed to make it through 3 out of the 4 heroine routes before deciding I'd had too much.

There's a surprisingly fun optional minigame, which sadly cannot be completed without making it through the heroine routes, so that ends up feeling unsatisfying too.

I want so much to recommend this, but I can't.
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#1 by cheekyman07
2024-02-21 at 19:57
< report >This game has 8 character routes and 2 true end routes.
#2 by kuroonehalf
2024-02-22 at 01:01
< report >This is a review of the base game. Reflection Blue content not included.