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Review of Harem Mura ~Dousotsu Fukahi! Kodane Teikyou wa Mura no Okite Desu!!~

SubjectHarem Mura ~Dousotsu Fukahi! Kodane Teikyou wa Mura no Okite Desu!!~
Harem Mura ~Dousotsu Fukahi! Kodane Teikyou wa Mura no Okite Desu!!~ - Download Edition
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barfboy on 2024-02-22
ReviewI have to admit, this is a far better than the previous two titles Harem Game 2 ~Futsuu ja Nai Shujinkou ga Harem o Kizuku Fantasy (?)~ and Harem Game ~Ore wa Kore no Okage de Eroge no Shujinkou ni Naremashita!~ Why? Because it’s shorter. No joke, those two games are too long. Harem Game is basically a nukige. A 50 hour nukige. It’s just too damned long.

The story in this is not the same as the previous two titles either, there is no magic here. No demons granting wishes, no magic handheld games. Just a guy and his overbearing village enacting rules. Since Kisaragi Ryuuji and his twin sister Kisaragi Ayano return to the village they grew up in that makes Ryuji the town’s only teenage boy.

Side note. This is only one choice in this game and it comes at the end. This game is 95% a kinetic novel.

So the good stuff.

The art is improving. There aren’t so many off model CGs as there were in the first two. There are still some and their boobs are often inconsistent, perhaps a problem with making them so large? The story is absurdly believable in a sense? I guess it’s entirely possible for a village somewhere to force their girls to marry the village’s one and only boy in an effort to keep the village from dying. There’s no magic anyway. The girls are Ryuuji’s sex slaves by the villager’s definition. Sex meat slaves to be exact. Their only purpose is to make babies and Ryuuji can treat them however he wants. This is to encourage them to marry because being a wife is superior to a sex slave. The many ways the villagers try and get their young people to breed is pretty fun, sex is expected and open. Ryuji will literally fuck his sister in a cafe booth while she’s trying to work her waitress job and nobody will interrupt them at all. Of course, this is true of all the girls, just pointing out that even committing incest is expected and allowed.

There is an island experience? It’s not a vacation. They put Ryuji and all the girls on an island for a week and abandons hem there then wait for them to make babies. How long can they last being together without fucking? Hint: not long. This is especially fun because his twin sister is ovulating and sex with her brother would be extremely dangerous. But of course, they’ll fuck anyway, just when nobody else is looking. It’s a great scene.

Airi Is the first villager to confess to Ryuji and beg to be his sex slave. Ayano is next. Then the other two fall. From here on out it’s sex in all sorts of situations, all sorts of uniforms and in all sorts of inappropriate places. On the side of the road, during class, in the nurse’s office, in a cafe, in a mall changing room, in a bathroom at the store. Check, check, check, check, check. Kurashiki Amane Even has sex with Ryuuji during a livestream on her online idol account. She, for some reason, thinks that since having a boyfriend is bad for idols that it would be fine if Ryuuji pretends to be her brother and fucks him on camera. She actually thinks this would work, ends up banned on her account and losing all her fans. You dumb sweetheart you.

The not so good.

There are no other people in this village but the 4 heroines and Ryuuji. Oh, of course, the village is FULL of people. You will interact with NONE of them. There is one scene, one, where you see villagers just before Kirigaya Maina is raped the first time. You will never see them again. Are there people in the cafe while Ryuuji is fucking his sister? Possibly. I mean, there should be other waitresses there, right? She’s not the only one? There’s gotta be people behind the counter maybe? A chef somewhere certainly? Other guests? Anyone?

The school is empty. Okay. I mean, Ryuuji and the girls are the only kids left on the island. What about teachers, the principal? A janitor maybe? Are they baby making in front of a crowd of people at the shrine celebration or are they just off fucking alone in the woods? Are there people on the side of the road walking by when they’re fucking beside the roadway? Some people out in those fields you see perhaps? No clue.

Someone at Sweetheart hates pregnancy. I don’t know who. Harem Game the only possibility is a heaping helping of abortions. It’s not pretty when you think about it. Harem Game 2 he uses his powers to fuck them, but not to knock them up. Expect high amounts of “Today’s not a safe day! Iyaaaa!” Followed by absolutely nothing happening.

This one is even dumber. The stranded on an island adventure trip all the girls give themselves to Ryuuji so he can fuck them instead of Ayano who’s ovulating that week. They throw themselves at him but it doesn’t work. As soon as they’re alone he tries very hard to put a baby in his sister. This is worthless. Despite the risks he can’t even get his sister pregnant. There’s a short scene where they throw their negative pregnancy tests at him and call his sperm worthless.


Until his sister starts trying to get pregnant, all the girls are trying to get their hands on contraceptives or at least to avoid fucking Ryuuji when they’re ovulating. Even Airi, as much as she loves being his meat slave, does not want to get pregnant. She is afraid of being a mother. Once his sister Ayano falls and begs him for a baby, the other girls fall shortly after, even Maina gives up and begs for a baby so she won’t be left behind. However, the village elders have removed ALL the contraceptives in the village, replacing the entire shelf at the store with pregnancy tests.

This is completely negated by the fact that they’re allowed to leave the village. They even go to a mall nearby and interact with ordinary people. Certainly, they could pick up contraceptives there, yes? No explanation, none. They just never bring it up while they’re clothes shopping. Let’s have sex in a mall changing room, but not look for contraceptives! Until Ayano begs for a baby, which is about 20% of the game, nobody thinks to buy any.

Like, I get it, i don’t expect high quality storytelling from my 30 hour nukige but what the hell is that? You can’t setup a story element then ignore it. That’s just dumb.

As I said before, no pregnancy. Expect 1 guy and 4 girls to be having sex together 6 times a day and nobody gets pregnant! You can’t even say, “well they’re pregnant but just don’t know it yet” because there’s nothing but pregnancy tests everywhere. Is Ryuuji infertile? No! Because In the end, THEY ALL GET PREGNANT! just in the closing scene 10 seconds before the end of the game Sigh. Double sigh.

Problems? Yes. Fun? Also yes. Sexy? Yup. Nonsense? Sure. Still the best of the 3 and I admit, it’s even worth buying. Just, turn your brain off a few times.
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