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Review of Futari wa My Angel

SubjectFutari wa My Angel
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barfboy on 2024-02-22
ReviewThis is, sadly, the second best gender bender title you can get. The first is Ai ♂ Mai ♀ Misuto and dammit, someone needs to try making something that good again. This is, as I said, sadly the second best. Why is that sad? Because this just isn’t anywhere at all near as good.


Okay, let’s get to it. Amakawa Kou And Daichi Ruka at attacked by a monster. Is the cute pet on the character page? Michael Might be him. So, Michael I guess? It’s been a bit of time. Michael tries to save them from the monsters, how? By turning them into magical girls of course! Both Kou and Ruka agree. We actually need to update the character page, I’ll try and see if I still have a copy, but we really need their female forms on the page. Especially because They will never turn back into boys again. They will NEVER turn back into boys again. This is positively permanent.. We should get their female forms up. So when they defeat the monster they turn back into …. Girls. They’re still girls. Michael promises to help them find a cure, they just need to keep fighting for love and justice please.

You can follow whichever character you want. Choices are primarily selecting which protagonist to read about. Their routes keep coming back to each other because they work together to fight monsters but otherwise diverge when they’re not fighting. Kou … immediately goes back to his boy’s dorm and insists he’s still a boy. This is extremely obvious that he’s not. He even tries to pretend everything’s okay by nonchalantly trying to wear nothing but a towel draped over his shoulders and claiming that it’s obvious he’s still a boy, despite the vagina and tits. LIke, uh, we can see pretty much everything there Kou? How dumb do you think they are? Really dumb apparently. This is played for laughs.

Of course Kou’s route is fucking his roommate. There is a good and bad end but the bad end left no impression on me.

Then there’s Ruka’s route. Boy, did I like Ruka’s route! Her route is the reason this is the second best genben title there is. Ruka is caught immediately. His classmates realize he’s been turned into a girl and it’s not long before they give her a girl’s uniform. The girls take her in quickly and she changes with them, does PE with them, hangs out with them after school. They always wanted Ruka to be a girl and now for some magical reason she is! Dress up time! Makeup time! Bath time! Girl time! There’s no fighting it. So while Kou is off trying to pretend she’s still a guy, Ruka get’s invited to the girl’s only paradise.

Her route splits in two.

Route 1 She ends up fucking her brother and becoming her brother’s lover. Happily ever after. A very fine ending indeed.

Route 2 She ends up defeated by the villains and turned into the queen of darkness. Gorgeous dark queen dress and everything. Leading the demon hordes against humanity to our destruction. She’s fought by Angel White and the battle rages on. Also, a very fine ending indeed.

Great stuff. Just wish there were more. Kou’s route, is also pretty trash which doesn’t sit well. Can’t win ‘em all!
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