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Review of Nie no Hakoniwa

SubjectNie no Hakoniwa
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Remplier on 2024-02-22 last updated on 2024-03-02
ReviewFair warning: this game is extremely violent and gory. since it is an eroguro. You can turn off the gore, but this might still not do it for some, since there's also a lot of verbal violence, and the characters are often very descriptive of how they will deal with their victims. With that aside, the art is stunning, the characters are beautifully drawn and the story is very decently developed. The pacing was also right on the sweet spot, since it did not feel too long or too rushed. Lastly, the character development varies, since some are very well done (like the Shiki family) while others are one-dimensional cliches.

Spoilers ahead:

Although I was not a fan of the MC's sociopathic nature and his eagerness to inflict harm even on characters that were not really responsible for the curse that befell Kyouko and Kurou, I did enjoy his character development, however extreme his thought process might be. What made this extreme for me even as an eroguro was the fact that his wrath was not exclusively directed to deserving villains (like Rinka and Houka). Although I understand that this is a kinetic VN, I would've still liked to have had at least a few pivotal choices, where characters like Suzuka and Suzune can be spared and the MC's sadistic wrath can instead be redirected towards the other villains that might have gotten off too easy, like Renge and Mariko. But I think it was precisely because of the fact that Kurou was not driven by a desire for revenge that it was harder for me to sympathize with him. I get that sympathy with the MC is not the only resource writes have for keeping a reader engaged, but in my personal opinion, the depth of his character was somewhat compromised by the changes he underwent after reuniting with Kyouko. I think this is the only thing that led me to skip a few of the lewd scenes that involved characters like Suzuka. Despite this, I don't think that this ruined the game; it just detracted from it.

With all that said, I think that the story and the beautiful art still make this a great game that you will thoroughly enjoy, as it is truly one of the best ones out there.
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