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Review of Setsuna ni Kakeru Koi Hanabi

SubjectSetsuna ni Kakeru Koi Hanabi
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LocoCitato on 2024-02-22
ReviewAuthors finished their work well. "Tasks Truth of the murder, and be the top in the Daihouen " given in the Trial Edition are all finished and explained. Like the performance of Kazu's CV.
Like Komari's route because her story detailedly shows her feelings and dilemma or being a sister or lover and gives the answer to the task;
Nadeshiko's route focuses on fights and battles, which are happy and exciting, a funny scene : N:'I'll be stronger to catch you!' Kazu: 'I'll be stronger to not make you disappointed' therefore they reach Godslayer Region step by step in the last battle ;
Palvi is alright but she has too low presence compared to other two MCs, and I dislike her battle because too much Deus ex machina .
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