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Review of Tanshin Furin -Netoraretara Netorikaesu Baigaeshi-

SubjectTanshin Furin -Netoraretara Netorikaesu Baigaeshi-
Tanshin Furin -Netoraretara Netorikaesu Baigaeshi- Download Edition
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nightshade31 on 2024-03-02
ReviewThis is a revenge nukige. Early in the game you find out that your wife is cheating with your colleague's husband and you plot for your revenge.

For a revenge story, the ending is kinda meh.

You either chose to forgive the adulterers and go for a 3p ending, or you don't forgive them. The 3p ending is supposed to be the better ending because you get to keep your job. The colleague ending you get little alimony for divorce and lose your job because of backlash from antagonist family but you end up with a happy relationship with the colleague.

Honestly for all the effort that the MC has put in for the revenge, he should have planed to expose the adulterers to humiliate and destroy their lives but he decided to go for a weird revenge sex to humiliate male antag.
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