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Review of Einstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo Crisis

SubjectEinstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo Crisis
Einstein Yori Ai o Komete APOLLOCRISIS - Free Edition
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sorakado on 2024-03-02
ReviewI wasn't sure if this wanted to be a fandisc or a proper sequel at first, just went in blind after completing the main game. Despite the introduction of some new elements certainly starts off feeling more like an FD, and honestly it's pretty fun. About halfway in however it becomes more of a sequel, where it reveals new information about characters and takes the story further with an ending that feels more like a proper, more deliberate ending.
Can't say I entirely liked the way this append took things with the story however. Some of it pretty good, while other parts felt useless or just strange.
So in the end it doesn't actually feel like either a fandisc or a sequel, but rather an append to the main game, as such it's hard to evaluate on it's own, and doesn't really do enough to change my mind about the whole much.

Puzzling why this needed to be a separate entry over just being included in the main. After all the the two together would still barely make up the length of one average full-price release. I'm sure they have their reasons, though I doubt that it had been a deliberate creative choice. But they are offering it for free on the official site, so that is telling.

Overall impression including the main game would simply be: Great concept, flawed execution. At least the art and music are both awesome.
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