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Review of Kimagure Temptation

SubjectKimagure Temptation
Kimagure Temptation - Download Edition
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anav on 2024-03-02
ReviewThe maim heroine has nice chemistry with protagonist. Animated heroine is awesome even if a bit scuffed with that vtuber motion capture. The art is par for the course except in who has Anne has super special treatment. Iquite like rosy and specially cooley design. You can tell a design is good when it makes you want to keep staring at it. Good voice acting further elevates the heroine. VA really brought her character to life. She is pretty much better than Sora from 9-nine in every way unless you are blinded by incest.

Normally i don't like this super moe stuff but her gimmick about being quirky mostly works even if it does seldom skirt the line into the territory of being annoying.

The contrast and mix moe/comedy and horror/mystery works well. The game is pretty funny and the mystery is ok. For a game that looks as moe as it does there is harsh parallels to real life. It does drags a bit though. There were definitely moments where I just wanted it over with so we can move on.

H scenes are good, which is important because bad h scenes are super tedious. Two games in a row I've played with animated h scene, cool could do with more of this.

Not a fan of 9nine and so I thought fumi is not someone i'm interested in further reading. Kimagure Temptation has raised my hopes up for nanairo and akeiro
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