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Review of Doki Doki Dollmaker

SubjectDoki Doki Dollmaker
Doki Doki Dollmaker
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Experiment499 on 2024-03-02
ReviewThis title is a wonderful play for any dating sim afficionado. There's a lot of heart here, especially for something that has a pretty small development team. The concept is also something I haven't seen previously, while still being pretty grounded... at least compared to some of the other titles out there. (No pigeons or sharks to date here!) The characters follow the understandable tropes common to many dating sims, but they're pretty believable, and lets be honest... we like what we like for a reason right? :P I'd say Doki Doki Dollmaker is a guilt free indulgence, and a labor of love from it's creator. I really want to see more from them in the future!
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