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Review of Irotoridori no Sekai

SubjectIrotoridori no Sekai
Irotoridori No Sekai - The Colorful World - Adult Patch
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AngeVNs on 2024-03-02
ReviewI'm sure many people jumping into this review are previous readers of Hoshizora no Memoria (same developer) and want to know how similar Iroseka is. To briefly get it out of the way I would say the two are mostly not the same. There's definitely no Chinami equivalent in Iroseka so you won't be called Onii-chan 10,000 times before you're done with the story. And the drama style, setting, and themes are a lot different.

Pretty Interesting Setting

Despite most of the characters being high school age, which is kind of to be expected of most visual novels, this is NOT a slice of life high school story at all. In fact, I think it would be fair to say that at most the major characters are shown at school like 20% of the time. Iroseka mixes this minor high school aspect with a supernatural setting with parallel worlds. These parallel worlds specifically are a huge part of Iroseka's story as the main character will have many personal reasons for having to travel to or deal with these different areas. I'm not going to get into detail in order to not get into spoilers but I thought the way they integrated the supernatural stuff was quite well done. It helps give Iroseka a unique identity but while still having a huge focus on relatable psychological character drama. I also liked how they slowly built up the powers that Yuuma, the main character, and his ghost girl partner Shinku, are capable of as the story progresses.

Memorable Emotional/Depressing Moments

I am NOT exaggerating when I say depressing. Even as early as towards the end of the common route, you're going to see some stories that delve into pretty heavy subject matter, including but not limited to: lost memories, loneliness, depression, revenge, suicide, terminal diseases, extreme self-sacrifice, physical abuse, trafficking, the dark side of traditions, etc. If any of these sound like potential triggers for you, I would recommend not reading this visual novel. That said, I think the way that Iroseka delves into these subject matter is pretty tasteful. You are not going to see stupidly thrown in edgy H scenes for shock value like some eroge fall into. Quite the opposite. In fact, the visual novel goes heavily into the psychology of each character's mindset as the stuff they have gone through and I think the way that it's both presented and how the characters develop from these situations are quite good and what really got me to quite like a good amount of this visual novel.

Excellent Presentation (Art/Music)

I've always adored the art style of visual novels by developer “favorite” for their bright colors, very distinct character designs, and really good CGs. But I would say the absolute best thing about the presentation in Iroseka is actually the music. The composer Shinobu composes background music for basically every favorite visual novel including Hoshimemo, Iroseka and the currently untranslated Sakura Moyu. But the real stick outs are the emotional songs. As stated earlier, there are some moments in Iroseka that are quite emotional and the excellent background music helps the emotional scenes become even more enjoyable and immersive.

Heavy Use of Flashbacks / Exposition

As stated earlier, this is a visual novel with a pretty big emphasis on the supernatural and parallel world elements, so there's going to be a lot of stuff that needs to be explained. And the writer definitely wants to make sure to describe the many worlds and characters you will meet, including many minor characters’ backstories. To give an example in my favorite girl Kana's route, a good portion of the beginning of her route is giving a whole hour flashback of a side character that is only tangentially related to Kana. This flashback IS incredibly important for the themes of the story, so I definitely did not mind this as well as a lot of the exposition of the supernatural stuff by the dorm daddy, Shigure. They are definitely important to know and I was personally interested in what they had to say. But if you're not a fan of exposition and backstory heavy stories you could maybe think twice before picking up this title. But I thought the author did a good job of not getting too long-winded and a lot of these scenes actually really helped me get into the world and the characters and story even more than I already was.

Inconsistent Route Quality

Iroseka has a commonly used locked true route structure. Meaning you have to read the 4 ‘side’ heroine routes before you unlock the true route. Kana’s is generally considered the best side route and has become one of my personal favorite nakige style routes in isolation. The other side routes are much more hit or miss. Kyou’s has a big plot element that isn’t resolved, Tsukasa’s is way too short despite having an interesting concept, and Mio’s is decent, but just doesn’t hit as hard as I think it should. Basically, I think that the core message and themes of each route are actually pretty good, it's just the amount of care and time given to developing them varies.

As for the true route itself, many people cite it as THE reason to read the visual novel and I can certainly see why. It has very memorable emotional nakige moments and some crazy reveals that happen as early as 15 minutes into the route. However, I have much more mixed feelings about the true route than expected. Similar to the other four routes, I think the core message and themes are actually pretty good, but the issues I have with the true route can be boiled down to 3 things: 1)The plot trying too hard be a supernatural nakige that’s TOO creative 2) A few characters’ actions and stories not making much sense or are just flat out-stupid 3) Some reveals recontextualizing certain aspects of the side routes in a negative way, especially Kana’s where if you noticed I said her route is one my favorites “in insolation”.

Apparently a lot of the flaws I have with the Iroseka get fixed in the currently untranslated sequel, Irotoridoi no Hikari or The Colorful Light. People I’ve talked to cite this sequel as extremely important for filling in a lot of the gaps and details Sekai skipped in order to tell its relatively simpler emotional narrative. So if you are interested and like Iroseka and want to see more, be sure to monetarily support the original localization of the Colorful Light.

Medicore to Bad Comedy

As I stated earlier, this visual novel has comedy that's very reminiscent of the mid to late 2000s anime harem style comedy. Expect a lot of pervert jokes including but not limited to accidentally walking into a girl changing, girls calling the main guy a pervert when he didn't do anything, or making fun of a supposed fetish that protagonist clearly does not have such as being a lolicon, being into femboys, etc. I've never liked this humor and there are many times where I had to take a break because I was getting really mad whenever these scenes popped up, especially when they happen after pretty important emotional scenes.

That said, the absolute worst offender is the protagonist's mentor “Suzu". The writer just tries to write her off as a “tease" character but The fact that she's a lazy immature person for much of the story is quite annoying. Anytime she makes a mistake, she always tries to dump the blame on the main character Yuuma, or worse try to do things that get him in a situation for the other girls to get unfairly angry at him.

Final Thoughts

Great emotional moments, interesting setting, solid psychological drama, hit or miss route execution and bad comedy.

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#2 by mondblut
2024-03-03 at 10:29
< report >>I've never liked this humor and there are many times where I had to take a break because I was getting really mad whenever these scenes popped up

Probably this medium is not for you!? Being critical towards objective flaws is one thing, but the humor you whine about is part of the medium and anything in the anime subculture. It's akin to complaining about h-scenes or cute anime girl art style. If you are offended by something inherent to the medium or subculture, enough to having to take a break it is a sign that eroge or VNs from Japan are not for you.
#3 by AmanoKaze
2024-03-03 at 12:22
< report >Not liking the humor alone is not a sign for someone to stop enjoying a vn entirely, #2. OP already praised a lot of components for this game, dishing out one or two complaints is not a big deal. Comedy is, ultimately, subjective after all
#4 by mondblut
2024-03-03 at 12:28
< report >#3 I could agree if it were a unique kind of humor, but not if that type of comedy is ingrained in not only the medium, but also the entire otaku subculture and all media which are part of it. To whine about something that is inherent part of the medium is very tourist like.Last modified on 2024-03-03 at 12:29
#5 by AmanoKaze
2024-03-03 at 13:11
< report >So you mean generic comedy? I don't remember much of iroseka's comedy since it's mostly in the first half of the entire game, but since you said (and from the review) it's not unique i.e generic tropey comedy. It's not odd for people not liking that. I personally am tired of said stuff. Am i or is OP a tourist? I don't think soLast modified on 2024-03-03 at 13:13
#6 by cheekyman07
2024-03-03 at 14:31
< report >#2,#4
This reviewer is not an inexperienced reader who has only read a few visual novels, or this genre. Instead of taking someone's opinion and assuming the worst possible of them, consider the context of what they said and give it a bit more thought.

Now if I were to apply that context in conjunction with my common sense; It is likely that the reviewer has seen similar jokes before, making them tired of reading them. Tropes can be effective for establishing a genre and familiarity, but with overuse and age, they become unfunny and demonstrate a lack of creativity and effort. I can understand why readers could find such a thing annoying and damaging to the overall experience.

I have experienced both sides. Relatable tropes that were used well with good timing and variety that made me laugh, or twisted creatively. Then the other side is where they get used often and are predictable resulting in comedy/entertainment falling flat or being used with bad timing that breaks immersion. Tropes are of course important for familiarity and establishing a genre and the above mentions, but they are not infallible and can be detrimental if applied poorly.

The reviewer, in a different line of words. Said this, and that is a valid criticism. You can disagree, but you don't get to decide what people get to read because of that. Gatekeeping people who have different views from your own is lame. Criticism of reviews with comments like this; ''it's not for you'' or ''very tourist-like'' are lazy and not productive.Last modified on 2024-03-03 at 14:50
#7 by AngeVNs
2024-03-03 at 16:49
< report >#3 #5 Don't worry, I already don't take what mondblut says seriously. His weird overly paranoid twitter and Reddit ragebait ramblings about non-weebs supposedly ruining weeb things, One thing I would say I most definitely don't fall into. I'm about as weeb as it gets, I've never liked the generic anime harem slapstick humor I've talked about ever since I started watching anime 15 years ago.Last modified on 2024-03-03 at 16:59
#8 by funnerific
2024-03-03 at 19:41
< report >mondblut has previously called even me a tourist, screenshotting one of my VNDB reviews on his twitter. Looks like he either doesn't bother checking how many VNs someone has read or just doesn't care.
#9 by mondblut
2024-03-03 at 22:53
< report >#8 You wrote, quote:

"But god am I sick of these extremely repetitive and out-of-place sex jokes and breast fondling in like half of the game's scenes"

You were whining about sex jokes and lewd humor in an eroge that clearly has moege elements. It doesn't get more tourist like than this.
#10 by funnerific
2024-03-03 at 23:22
< report >#9 If "extremely repetitive and out-of-place sex jokes and breast fondling in like half of the game's scenes" was something found in most moege out there, I wouldn't be still playing moege.

That game is pretty focused on story rather than moe, by the way.
#11 by AngeVNs
2024-03-03 at 23:33
< report >#9 I love sex jokes in stuff by Qruppo, Minatosoft, Asa Project, SMEE, etc. The generic kind that favorite, Yuzusoft, ALCOT does sucks.
#12 by cheekyman07
2024-03-04 at 01:11
< report >Yeah I don't think im going to take this person seriously from now on either, unless they engage in what people are saying which they clearly are not doing since all they did was repeat the same thing. Waste of time, so thats it from me.
#13 by AmanoKaze
2024-03-04 at 01:42
< report >The irony of calling either one of us tourist while themself is the most tourist like. I forgot mondblut also whines about non virgin heroines. Should've let em yap and ignored it. Carry on
#14 by asaki
2024-03-04 at 06:42
< report >-Last modified on 2024-03-04 at 06:46
#15 by mondblut
2024-03-04 at 09:12
< report >#11 "generic" humor and tropes in eroge, but as well as other otaku media exist for a reason. They create a sense of familiarity. You feel right at home when there's a scene of an MC walking in while the girl is changing, heroines calling out the MC for being a pervert or just the typical breasts pressing against the MC''s arm situation. Tropes could be compared to the laws of nature within otaku media. Something that gives the "otaku universe" (for the lack of a better term) its own reality, grounded in its own laws. Whenever we encounter them it gives us that realization and feeling of familiarity. In other words: They are there because the writers intended to uphold those "laws".

If an otaku work omits these tropes it feels alien, detached. After all, the media of our hobby are more than just defined by the art style. All these factors, including tropes and generic humor create this familiar macrocosm.

#13 >I forgot mondblut also whines about non virgin heroines

Sorry, I'm not a used goods enjoyer. You can have them if you want. (;


Lastly... why did I liken the two of you to tourists? Tourist in relation to subcultures is used when an individual complains about inherent aspects of the subculture. It's akin to literal tourists who visit a country and feel offended by or complain about said foreign country's customs or laws. You two did complain about otaku subculture tropes which are ingrained into the subculture, akin to them being its foundation principles. Thus your complaining fits the definition of "tourist" in this context.Last modified on 2024-03-04 at 10:53
#16 by Yorhel
2024-03-04 at 10:49
< report >Mondblut, you're posting on a site that is created, run and largely used by what you call "tourists". We're all clearly far below your enlightened standards. May I suggest you find another place to spread your views, because it's really unwelcome here. Thanks.
#17 by mondblut
2024-03-04 at 10:54
< report >#16>May I suggest you find another place to spread your views, because it's really unwelcome here.

#18 by Yorhel
2024-03-04 at 10:57
< report >Cool, have a ban. I am committed to making VNDB a welcoming place for tourists of all kinds.
#19 by AngeVNs
2024-03-04 at 14:51
< report >I personally wouldn't have banned him. I'm just ignoring him since apparently disliking certain tropes makes me a "tourist". I am fine with 95+% of weeb media tropes, but apparently disliking generic anime harem humor is a sensitive spot

I just think it's funny how desperate he is to complain about my complaining.Last modified on 2024-03-04 at 15:01
#20Post deleted.