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Review of Harakami

Harakami - Download Edition
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barfboy on 2024-03-04
ReviewThis game almost makes me want to throw up.

I have only won with

Kawasemi Meina

I don’t know if I ever want to play this gain. Meina’s route just disturbed me so much. The concept is very cute. A boy walks in on a fox girl masturbating, she then begs him to fuck her. He runs away and when he gets home, he opens the door and she’s waiting for him. She tells him she’s a fox goddess and to please fuck her. He gives up and fucks her. SHe immediately announces her pregnancy. Because she’s a goddess she assures him that she knows she’s pregnant. She then sends other goddesses to get pregnant and tells him that for each goddess he gets pregnant his ability to get girls pregnant will rise.

It’s cute. The girls are young and pretty, Especially Ryuuzu And Rindou Kei who are only 12 and 10. Very cute!

Then Meina. Sigh. Meina is Hisui avatar. Because she’s Hisui’s avatar she’s obsessed with death. When you are fucking Meina she begs and BEGS you to please murder her at the moment she orgasms. She’s desperate for it. She wants to die at the moment she’s at her climax. Like yo. What the fuck. It’s worse Because she eventually gets what she wants. I just can’t do it. Not like this man. Not like this.

I’m depressed now.
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