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Review of Saya no Uta

SubjectSaya no Uta
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BootlegRaven on 2024-04-01
ReviewI'm pretty new to the world of weird and fucked up denpa visual novels and sound novels, so naturally I jumped directly into the deep end with Saya no Uta.

To be fair I did read this visual novel with some level of censoring,primarily of images, I'm too mentally ill to read this without it. But even then Saya no Uta was extremely hard to read, but I mean that in a good way.

Watching as Fuminori becomes more and more unhinged as his actions get more and more demented is like hearing your neighbor beating his wife to death and aggressively taken away by the police and all you can do is sit there.

And of course Saya, she is as captivating as she is horrifying. She is so sweet yet she does actions that could never be justified. Fascinating piece of horror.
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