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Review of Girl Doll Toy 2 ~Shisha~

SubjectGirl Doll Toy 2 ~Shisha~
Girl Doll Toy 2 ~Shisha~ Regular Edition
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ayuanx on 2024-04-01 last updated on 2024-04-04
ReviewMost things in this game are unfitting. The only merit is probably the graphics.

First the story is unfitting. (Spoiler alert!) In the prequel, Erica was a manufactured cyborg (in fact an android to be precise) with bio skin, now she becomes an extraterrestrial alien from Saturn! Furthermore, regarding the happy ending, the protagonist suddenly grows wings from nowhere--what was the writer thinking? In contrast, the bad ending is much more fitting in my opinion.

The game design is unfitting. This game provides no information or hint about what you should do next at all. Most of the time, you have to actively walk around the entire map talking to every NPC in the hope of stumbling onto the correct trigger to progress the story; otherwise you will be stuck with the infinite commute between lab and home to no end.

The mazes/dungeons are unfitting. Why did you make them so unnecessarily large, complex yet empty? The searching for the fairies are supposed to be fun, but due to the bad design of the mazes/dungeons, this process is not fun at all. It is a torture! Especially the locations of the monsters, whoever was in charge of placing them on the maps was either retarded or malicious. Many of the monsters are placed precisely blocking the road. Since this game does not implement any mechanism to attack the monsters, you have no method other than waiting patiently, hoping the monsters would eventually move away unblocking the road. And this waiting alone could take minutes for each monster! WTF! You know what, I was wrong earlier, whoever designed this must be both retarded and malicious!

The BGM is unfitting. Particularly Erica's theme BGM, why did you make it so creepy? This is not supposed to be a horror game, or is it? I get goose bumps every time Erica's theme BGM starts to play when the protagonist arrives home, yet it is supposed to be cozy and sweet with Erica at home! Who wrote/chose this BGM? Did they even play this game themselves just for once hearing this BGM at home with Erica? How did they feel? Horrifiedly thrilled? Proudly satisfied?

The ending criteria is unfitting. Basically if you are tempted to have H with any main/sub heroines other than Erica, you will be locked to the bad ending. But the protagonist already had H with every single fairy he had found! What is this double standard for? If the developers intended to discourage the player to get intimate with anyone other than Erica, then why did they put so many sub heroines in the game who are not involved in the story at all but with only one purpose that is to have H with the protagonist? And why did they implement all the mandatory H events with each and every fairy? Not funny! Nevertheless, I don't like the happy ending of this game anyway.

Now you see why it is no wonder this game is a failure with almost no information anywhere.
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