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Review of Girl Doll Toy Gaiden Azami

SubjectGirl Doll Toy Gaiden Azami
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ayuanx on 2024-04-02 last updated on 2024-04-04
ReviewThis is actually a decent game if you manage to endure, persist and push to the ending, but I can also understand why most people would probably end up dropping the game in the middle.

Although the story itself is pretty good if you play to the ending, the developers made some bad decisions that put a heavy dent to the gaming experience which can really drive the player to hate the gameplay and eventually drop out. I wonder why it is so common that developers (not restricted to this game alone) frequently make such silly self-sabotage decisions mostly just for one single pitiful purpose of protracting the playing time. It is stupid in every way in my opinion.

The first problem of this game is the lack of in-game information, hints or tips on what the player should do next to progress the story. This often leaves the player completely clueless and stranded for hours wandering around the game without a purpose. It is usually the number 1 killer of a game. After all, if you constantly get stuck for hours when the game itself provides no in-game help at all, and meanwhile no walkthrough is available anywhere, what can you do? Not much I reckon except dumping the game into the trash bin.

In this game, it is even worse since sometimes it provides the wrong hints opposite to what the player should do next. For example, at a certain stage the protagonist says something like "it is better go home and wait because you never know your target might visit you instead". Of course as you can imagine, if you follow that hint then you will not be able to make any progress but wondering why.

Then there is this intentional malice from the developers solely for the purpose of protracting the playing time. In many cases, in order to progress the story, you have to literally investigate every single location and/or talk to every single NPC available. It is not because you don't know which one is the real trigger so you have to brute-force, but because the game enforces such exhaustion check itself as the trigger. I can't think of any reason why a developer would force such exhaustion check repeatedly other than trying to protract the playing time. It is the most stupid decision a developer can make to sabotage their own game in my opinion, especially when used frequently. There is no way a player gains good gaming experience if they have to repeatedly exhaust every single location and talk to every single NPC while the dialogs don't change at all, just for the single purpose of progressing the story; as such action completely obliterates the causality, rationality as well as fun.

But I have to say that one good decision the developers made in this game is that the mazes/dungeons are not as unnecessarily large or unnecessarily complex as Girl Doll Toy 2 ~Shisha~, and more importantly the puzzles in them are actually fun to solve. (In contrast, the mazes/dungeons together with the road blocking monsters in Girl Doll Toy 2 ~Shisha~ are a total disaster!)

PS: It is worth mentioning the Soukoban (倉庫番) mini-games are mostly optional, and you don't have to solve them to progress the story (with one exception that happens inside the protagonist's own office as far as I remember). They only reward you some flashy items usually as visual decorations that are not mandatory for the story progression.
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