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Review of 12 Nữ Thần

Subject12 Nữ Thần
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htc89234 on 2024-04-02
Review12 Goddesses starts out with a fairly decent amount of worldbuilding and some humor that is honestly quite endearing. The plot exposes us to the characters' shortcomings (he's impotent, you'll find out in 5 mins of reading), what he needs to do to cure it (find the 12 Goddesses), the in-universe strength system as well as its ranks for all different sorts of activities from fighting power to intelligence. There's the obvious part where the MC gets originally shunned due to looking like he'd have worthless talent but actually has the most broken of them all.

All this happens in the rather early prologue and it's interesting; it sets up the story to look like it's going to be a fairly slowburn to the sex scenes and for the MC to grind out the levels despite him obviously being bound to become overpowered.

Alas, it is not to be - by the 2nd chapter/arc we're revealed to several other things that our MC has that set him far apart even other absurdly broken characters and it makes the in-game strength system look like nonsense. It's like whenever a new strength or skill system gets implemented, the MC HAS to be this "HAVEN'T SEEN IT IN 10 THOUSAND YEARS!!!" person - even if there's already another dude that's ALSO revealed to be one of those types of people. In other words, anyone who could ever look interesting/menacing due to breaking/changing the strength system of X thing is overshadowed by the MC doing it in EVERY thing, so it makes his training feel moot.

To top things off, one of the main driving points of the series (finding the 12 Goddesses to cure the MCs impotence) is also finished within the very first chapter. Well, why should I as the reader care about any of the remaining 11 Goddesses then?

The VN has a couple of minigames (some more interesting than others) during fights/crafting things which didn't feel that bad, and the route system is done in a nice enough way that you can actually miss scenes, so I'll give the game props for not being completely brainless. The overall plot revolving around the MCs family is more interesting than most everything else show in the prologue so I'll probably continue reading, but it's more of a sunk cost fallacy applying to myself than because I'm still interested in the premise/starting points I was interested in. It always feels a bit dejecting when what originally looks interesting gets thrown away too early on.
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