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Review of Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai

SubjectDaitoshokan no Hitsujikai
Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai
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AngeVNs on 2024-04-02
ReviewAlmost everything else about this VN was… mediocre at best. Kana was easily my favorite girl and I kinda liked her route but it was surprisingly short and anticlimatic. The visual novel in general I could describe as unique and interesting concepts, boring execution.

As a moege fan, I thought the common route slice of life was just… boring. The library club becoming something to help people SHOULD have been interesting but the game did a bad job making me care about most of the characters, especially with how unnecessarily long the common route was. Starting the game with the MC (almost) getting canceled for a good deed was not exactly a fun first impression.

The comedy was also very hit or miss. Some of it was kinda unique, but it had a problem where almost everyone were “sadist teases”, especially with how little they knew each other. When almost everyone is this comedy, it makes the comedy more repetitive than it needed to be. Forcing the Main Character to crossdress multiple times basically without his consent was really dumb, I never like this humor in any weeb media. With Takamine, the "bro character", it felt like they tried to make him ‘more aware’ than the average bro character, but they still had him stuck with the typical “teehee im a pervert” bro comments so he felt like a useless addition to the cast.

Now Daitoshokan technically has a plot… however it fell into the Muv-Luv Trilogy situation. Sticking you with boring slice of life for at least 10-15 hours (common + at least one of the non-Nagi routes, longer if you do all 4). However unlike Muv-Luv Alternative, while the whole Shepard thing was technically foreshadowed… as stated multiple times already, it was done in a boring way. Once Shepard plot thigns finally started… I just didn’t care.

The new “true common route” branch (unlocked after doing one of the 4 Library Club heroines) brought this whole Library Club vs Student Council dynamic… however as I said multiple times, the long and boring previous common route made me not care for this dynamic despite some “plot twists” introduced.

The final nail was Nagi, the so-called true heroine… is kind of a bitch. Not worst character material or anything but not exactly someone I was excited to stick for another common route length.

It sucks since August actually has full plot VNs that have very solid pacing, notable characters, and fun fantasy worldbuilding like Eustia and Senmono. Their attempt at mixing a moege and fantasy Shepard thing in Daitoshokan worked against the plot and general pacing. If they focused on making an actual good moege that focused more on actual interesting character issues (like Kana and to a lesser extent Senri) OR went all in on the Shepard worldbuilding from the start, Daitoshokan could have been loads better.

With what we got, I don’t understand the relatively high scores. If you want an August VN that’s actually consistently good, get Eustia or Senmono when it gets translated. Or if you want a moege that has better characters, comedy, and “group that strives to a similar goal”... there are so many more that exist from other developers now.
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