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Review of A House in the Rift

SubjectA House in the Rift
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htc89234 on 2024-04-02
ReviewYou're thrown into a dimensional rift and then people from several different realities start (eventually, one by one, slowly) living with you, which all eventually boils down to sex.

That's it. It's a nukige. But honestly, some characters feel quite endearing and some of the character introductions/stories are nice. The "systems" of the world - a.k.a how the world works and the explanations for all that's going on - aren't all that bad and it's enough to keep you reading. It's a surprisingly light read.

Despite that, the free roaming/choosing is boring and there truly isn't that much of an overarching actual plot to keep you engaged with the story as a whole; you keep at it because of idle curiosity/boredom/liking one character in specific, so it's a bit weak in that regard.
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