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Review of Crayon Tulip ~Chidori to Koruri no Yuuwaku Jugyou~

SubjectCrayon Tulip ~Chidori to Koruri no Yuuwaku Jugyou~
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barfboy on 2024-04-15
ReviewSweet loli heaven! This game your dad remarries and your new mother is a succubus. All her daughters, your new step sisters are succubi. Despite being loli Tokita Tsubame Is your elder sister and no longer in school. She’s 18-25 years old, best guess. Your new step mother is not a part of this game. Your father isn’t either. Tsubame takes on that role for you. Her main concern is her two younger twin sisters Tokita Chidori and Tokita Koruri and she asks you to fuck them as much as you can because they’re young succubi and need the training. She even sets it up so you can be alone with them so you can safely fuck both without being caught. Karasuma Kuina Also basically enjoys this protection since She’s also a succubus. Surprise? You can also choose Tokita Tsubame and fuck her plenty although she encourages you to fuck her sisters, she herself IS a heroine. You can ignore the twins and go for her instead.

So the game is sneaking around fucking lolis around campus without being caught. There’s no fear of being caught? Because Tsubame is watching over you. I guess if you trust her there’s nothing to fear. the naughtiness is still there both because the twins are really young and because despite her promise, you ARE fucking girls in public spaces. It’s a mixed experience.

The art isn’t great, it’s passable and cute. Enjoy it for what it is I guess. A perfectly passable loli game.
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