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Review of Mahoutsukai no Yoru

SubjectMahoutsukai no Yoru
Mahoutsukai no Yoru
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ignor on 2024-04-15
ReviewThis is an amazing VN, the most visually impressive of anything I've read.
The plot is very interesting, I liked it more than the one in Tsukihime. It is clear that Nasu thought it through very well during the long time that he carried it for those long 10 or so years. A novel full of lore - magic and magecraft, true magic, familiars and ploys - it's just an idyll for those who like to delve into the universes of fiction.
I used to be a big fantasy fan - and Mahoyo reawakened my love for the genre. And slice-of-life here is simply interesting to read. And the nights of the witches here are incredibly engaging, that's it

About the characters:
Sojuro is one of the best mail-protags in VNs I've ever seen. Who would have thought that such a deep character can be prescribed to a simple mountain boy, and (surprisingly!) his problems and internal conflicts are really familiar to us - readers. And he is such an adorable guy. It's difficult for me to imagine a person who would not like this good man.

As you read the novel, you begin to love Alice more and more. She annoyed me at first, but after reading she feels like the cutest and best character in the novel. And how can we forget the bird Robin, and Alice from Extra -it's really funny and adorable.

Aoko is definitely not a simple character, she often pissed me off and I didn't like her, but after overcoming the first night of witches, she stopped seeming that toxic. There were moments, of course, but at least now I can better associate myself with her and her actions.When you understand the motive of her behavior, you understand that she is a very strong person who moves fearlessly everywhere. Worthy of respect. Would I want to befriend her in real life? NO WAY, let it be Soujyuro's privilege.

I've always liked Tobimaru overall, but after one of extra episodes, I generally started to see him as a cool and soulful guy, and a great friend, especially for someone like Soujyuro.

Lastly, Toko. I still don't fully understand why she is so determined to ruin her sister's life. She is a strange antagonist, to be honest. I understood her motive, realize it, but I can't relate to it. Probably because of my youth and immaturity, it is difficult for me to put myself in her place... But she's HOT xD.

I already mentioned the visuals, but I'll say it again, it's better here than anything I've read. Pure movie-like VN, nothing better than this exist. For a long time, I considered Rewrite to be the most beautiful in case of visuals, especially in second half. Well, now I understand that these are all not comparable to Mahoyo. Even the simplest scenes here are shown beautifully and effectively. And not that it is very complex, even a simple blur and zoom does a good job. And in Night of the Witches (and other similar chapters), you get to see the fanciest visuals that this VN is famous for.

The sound design here is incredibly good. It fully deserves to be called a sound novel. The soundtrack is gorgeous. I didn't find all the tracks incredible, many of them are just average, but there are some very good ones. All the main characters have amazing main themes. There are even classics, like Hymnopedia! Everyday and suspense tracks are also great. It feels like an entire orchestra was hired here for the soundtrack, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case (and it's not, there only like 5 composers, and 2 of them only made one song each!).

Overall, Mahoyo may not be a life-changing experience, but it will definitely provide a better experience than most typical novels. I understand that many people are put off by the large size, and the typical problem long beggining parts, but in many VNs this is unavoidable. You just have to adapt and then you'll start to get satisfaction. In this case, Mahoyo will surely bring only positive emotions.

It may be not for other, but for me it's kamige. Oh, and don't forget - killing is wrong!
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