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Review of Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 4

SubjectGrisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 4
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emoasyou on 2024-04-16
ReviewThis is yet another excellent visual novel in the Grisaia series specifically the Phantom Trigger series and volume 4 is up there with volume 3 for me as the 2 best so far, I adore Tohka who is up there as one of my favorite Grisaia characters and easilly my favorite Phantom Trigger character. But Chris is a very deep character that I really love too and this volume continues the same path as the other Phantom Trigger which is like a Monster of the week, Mission of the week idea and yes its formulaic to a degree but im loving it all the same. We delve deeper into who Chris is and why she acts the way she does and introduces us to a very good new character I really like too. It doesnt forget about the other characters and we still see how they are getting on. I also felt a high impact from this volumes begining and even teared up a bit powerful stuff. This volume also as a great mission involved and some fun action sequences while showing us how great the Phantom Trigger cast is especially Chris who is center stage here. This is another 9 for me love this series and im excited to delve deeper into Murasaki as a character next.
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