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Review of Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 5

SubjectGrisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 5
Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 05
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emoasyou on 2024-04-20
ReviewThis is another excellent volume of Phantom Trigger it is the best so far in terms of story and as an incredible backstory for Murasaki while delving deeper into Haruto which adds a much needed depth to his character as he is the only one I had not connected with to this point. I do feel more connected to the character now. Murasaki is my second favorite character behind best girl Tohka in Phantom Trigger and this really delves deep into who she is. This is the first volume to move away from the mission of the week aspect of the series to this point and jumps head first into Backstory and delving deep into specific characters. The new character introduced here is very good too and with out giving spoilers is important to figuring out who Murasaki is and also a big deal about Haruto. The action scenes in here are very good but this is a character piece and its one that is done impeccably . I love Grisaia and Phantom Trigger is a big part of that im loving every volume and feel this is an highly underated series and reccomend it to Grisaia fans as it delves deeper into other parts of the world we all love from the original trilogy. Another 9 here from me along with volumes 3 and 4.
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