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Review of Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete

SubjectKono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete
Pulltop 15th Anniversary x 15 Title Memorial Pack
ByHelpfulness: 2
Vote: 6.4
sorakado on 2024-04-20
ReviewThe setting is rather delightful, with the slight futuristic aesthetic that had been popular at the time is actually rather pleasant even at the time of writing.

At the core the story is basically the standard club activities framework, with the only real unique aspect being that they build and fly gliders. The novelty and focus on that is handled really well, the animations, certain BGM tracks and the overall atmosphere all capture the beauty and dreams around flying. It is mostly style over substance though on that regard, the actual details beyond the basics of what is needed for the story are glossed over or simplified. However that is for the best.

The story around the club technically should be unaffected by which heroine the reader chooses more or less, but what ends up happening is still different. While the inconsistencies due to this makes very little sense, it is definitely more enjoyable than having the same storyline repeat every time. Just don't think too much about it, butterfly effect and all.
That said whatever issue props up is resolved without much trouble, and in rather convenient ways, so nothing truly ends up feeling too heavy or pressuring. As the focus is on the characters here, this is not that big of a deal, and still serve as providing opportunities for character growth and development.

Character routes themselves are varying in quality, but none are explicitly bad. If anything they all play a bit too safe, and never do anything that is genuinely surprising. Still it's very comfy, kind of the storytelling equivalent to a hot cup of good green tea. The climax of each route being a very similar moment does mean that it loses impact over time - the only key difference is how it affects the chosen heroine and what it means to them.
Amane route is a bit of an outlier, being under route lock one would expect a little more from it but its structure and pacing is more awkward. The story diverges earlier, and an interesting event that does not happen in other routes is just mentioned offscreen, while other events that do happen are explained in greater detail here. Also does not actually do anything that special either.

The highlights are the characters themselves, it's simply fun to spend time with them, none of them are annoying, and surely can offer something to relate to for everyone. Good enough to make me want to read the FDs as well at least.

The art in general is good enough, not the best, however the animations and effects around flight add a lot, those greatly improve the whole experience. H CGs however are mostly weak, the very "safe" character designs, don't help much on that front either. Definitely not the strength of this game, even the few pantyshots that are there are rather half-baked. Rather disappointing in this aspect.

The whole thing can be summed up with the word "pleasant", it's not something that had left a big impression, and not going to stay with me for a long time either, but rather a comfortable and relaxing experience from start to finish. Though unlike the glider it doesn't really reach that high up.
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