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Review of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni

SubjectHigurashi no Naku Koro ni
ByVote: 9waffletown654 on 2020-11-15
ReviewHigurashi completely changed my perspective on horror.

The first four chapters--the question arcs--are definitely horror stories. The format is interesting, because each chapter can stand alone as its own short horror tale, but reading each chapter concurrently creates something more than the sum of its parts: a gripping mystery. As you read Higurashi's question arcs, you will find yourself getting sucked deeper and deeper into the lore of the small village, Hinamizawa, and into the secrets that the characters are hiding--the protagonist included.

While the Higurashi anime adaptation is famous for its gory horror, I find that the visual novel's most suspenseful and climactic moments are not even the most graphic scenes. The atmosphere of a tiny rural town in 1983 is tangible. I was pulled into the scenes of this visual novel like I had never been before.

I also fell in love with the characters. Higurashi lacks choices, sexual content, and for the most part, romance, but there are routes that connect to each heroine nonetheless. These routes correspond to the chapters, so you will quickly be able to guess whose route you're currently on. Throughout the course of these first four chapters, you will learn to love each member of "The Club;" you will learn about the things they like, their pasts, their families, and their troubles, and each one of them will take shape as a very human character. However, the same chapter will cause you to become paranoid and tear down your newly-formed impressions just as quickly, which is all part of the mystery.

You will have no choice but to read the next four chapters--the Answer arcs!