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Review of Thinking About You

SubjectThinking About You
Thinking About You Redesigned (v8November2020) - Uncensored Patch
ByVote: 8usagi on 2020-11-15
ReviewIf you are a sexual teasing (and older sisters) fan - this is game for you. Alas, such games are extremely rare and very hard to find.. It's a pity that Teasing tag was deleted and Flirting/Seductress tags were denied - since without those you just can't describe this vn with existing tags clear enough (Sexual Corruption is element of darker sexual content and is about full degradation - it's not fit for light-hearted games, and Dirty Talk is just for sexual scenes deragotary talk - it can't be applied for constant sexual talk during slice of life scenes) and you are forced to search such games manually, by recommendations of others etc. Despite that this vn has a very particular, distinct and different from any other nukige content. It's a quintessence of what and how sexual teasing should look - if you don't know what this tag should mean exactly - look no more, it's perfect example. Yes, it was denied due to description being too vague - despite there are other tags (Western or Nakige) with even more vague meaning which people are successfully using, perfectly knowing what they mean.
Well, my grunts aside this is how a nukige should be done. Honestly, after such games you can just pity Japanese developers - who couldn't reach that level with their many decades experience. Japanese superiority in nukige is a myth - Western titles in that genre are just better fap material. Let's take the subj for example - constant, unceasing sexual teasing and flirting inside and outside of sex scenes. In talks, in clothes, in actions, in poses - in everything. Full 1-st person POV for better immersion. More realistic approach to sexual interactions - there are very little semen amount during ejaculations, moreover - protagonist is premature ejaculator while heroine are almost never is able to reach an orgasm. Moreover - reaching an orgasm is never a goal at all - it is just possible side effect which isn't even important. What important is invoking constant lust and titillating, causing gratification of mutual sexual interactions and only that. Of course, the teasing I am talking about is more apparent on submissive path and usually (but not always!) is a subgenre of Female Domination - and there are definitely appropriate Japanese examples - i.e. Shounen to Chijo Oneesan-tachi no Shiawase H na Apaato-gurashi. But while there are definitely lots of sexual teasing/seduction - Japanese nukiges lacks subtlety in that department. They are extremely one-sided and artificial, when either heroine or protagonist is just an object, tool for getting sexual gratification. Whereas in this vn it is constant game between two, mutual play where both participants plays equally important part, where each gives and takes what they need from each other, where it matters what one wants and other side tries to adjust accordingly, where are great chemistry between characters. For example there are lots of degrees of completeness and variations for each sex scene - when it can end prematurely or in different endings depending on what actions your partner likes or not and how submissive/dominant you was before it. And even in case of too early ending you can't say it isn't right since each gives you rather amusing dialogues and interactions in any way. For example there are lots of pretending and role-play when characters make it seem like there is nothing unusual happens, just common slice of life events - while doing something dirty at that exact moment and discreetly enjoying it, both aware of that and both trying to not notice it ashamedly. For example there lots of "blue-balling" - constantly provoking you and escaping in the last moment - which isn't even irritate you because that's more interesting. For example, there are lots of cheeks reddening not only during sex scenes - but in usual slice-of-life dialogues too. And eyes! There are lots of various glances and eyeballs positions directed in different spots during each and every moment inside and outside of sex scenes - very sophisticated facial expressions work greatly conveying nonverbal communication details.
Comparing to all of that standart Japanese nukiges are just in a league below. Unfortunately, 2D art format puts its limitations on the genre. With limited number of art and CGs you can't provide constant barrage of ecchi graphic information to invoke that pleasant titillating feel in players. And it's crucial for fap sessions to not turn to a drag. All in all 3DCG format is just superior for nukige. Yes, I know that there are huge amount of low quality works and Japanese nukiges plot sometimes are surprisingly sophisticated - but even then there are diamonds in the rough already worth the effort to explore 3D format further. I believe in the end Japanese developers comes to switching to 3D format too in that genre since usual nukige market is in a crisis long time already and losing war to hentai manga, hentai RPGs, 3D Illusion eroges and JAVs.
The subj is still not completed - but it's not that important for a nukige anyway - so I recommend give it a try now and maybe wait for a full version later. You are not regret it unless you hate mild femdom/ncest-ge with passion. Oh, and incest patch is required for proper experience - as well as last version of the game - since old version is a lot worse in graphic department.