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Review of Rewrite

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TLG12317 on 2024-05-14
ReviewThe quality of writing is a huge step down from Little Busters.

Kotori Route - Worked well for being an introduction to the setting and laying the groundwork for what to expect, with a great twist. Emotional payoff not so good. 7/10

Chihaya Route - I actually really liked this and the writing was simple but solid,. 8/10

Lucia Route - The romance was actually done really, date scenes were super cute. Starting mystery was decent. 8.5/10

Shizuru Route - Great backstory, however the entire route was a snoozefest, and the ending was lame. 5/10

Akane Route - Really weird pacing even though Akane had one of my favourite developments. 8/10

Moon Route - Boring. Lame ass fights. 3/10

Terra Route - Quite a decent effort, with interesting plotlines and unique resolution. 7/10
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