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Review of Full Bokko Youchien

SubjectFull Bokko Youchien
Full Bokko Youchien
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SioNisti on 2024-05-14
ReviewWhat can i even say...
I went into the prequel (mikoto nikki) blind and it was guite fine and after some googling i found out about this sequel and well... to say i'm beyond disappointed is an undestatement. i've never been more confused as i played a game.
you are in kindergarten in which a 4 or so year old little girl calls you a shit head and she constantly tells you she wants you to die. this girl never stops talking, after she is done insulting you she begins a rant about the society.
what finally destroyed me was the prompt "KILL / DON'T KILL" reaction
the only good thing i can say about this game is that the characters look good. especially the picture of kotomi dead would have been perfect in a better game.
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