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Review of Kara no Shoujo

SubjectKara no Shoujo
The Shell Part I: Inferno
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sasanqua11 on 2024-05-15
Review-An obsession that leads to madness-

These visual novels bring readers to bond not only with the mystery but also the story, characters, lore, world-building, and references they offer.
I got the same feeling reading this game as watching David Fincher's Zodiac. It makes you think about solving the mystery, not just being spoon-fed the story.
As always, Sugina Miki and Manyo remain the deadly combo that makes Kara no Shoujo so iconic as well as beautiful, although objectively the BGM in Cartagra is superior with it's atmospheric sense of horror and mystery.

Nonetheless, Kara no Shoujo or The Shell Part 1: Inferno is the first installation of a trilogy that is solid, brutal, and beautiful at the same time.
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