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Review of Rokan 12 ~Arisu-tachi no Chitsu to Kanshoku~

SubjectRokan 12 ~Arisu-tachi no Chitsu to Kanshoku~
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SomeDude on 2024-05-15
ReviewNo real story to this... just sex scenes. Which is exactly what they advertise. Sure, they give you a bit of backstory to the sex scenes... but this game is clearly meant for one purpose and one purpose only.

Unfortunately... only a few of the scenes are worth watching. Every scene has a different protagonist, which is whatever, and every scene features a different loli. The biggest problem is... this game features quite a lot of Group Sex of One Female and Several Males, but it doesn't feature a single scene of Group Sex of One Male and Several Females. Which is weird, and makes no sense to me.

Group Sex of One Female and Several Males is a form of homosexuality/bisexuality, which is meh, if you're into that, that's fine..... as for me, I skipped those scenes. But Group Sex of One Male and Several Females is what your straight audience would much rather have. Harem fantasies involving multiple lolis are much more common than bisexual fantasies involving gangbangs, so why didn't they go this direction?

That said... some of the scenes are pretty hot. I normally have no interest in Prostitute Heroines or Heroines with Sexual Experience, but Yui's scene is probably the best in this game... she's very, very good at marketing the fact that she's a ten-year-old elementary school girl. Her scene is also very clearly based off of a similar cowgirl scene from Love's Right, so if you like it... go play Love's Right. It's a much, much better game. Just make sure to play Version A.

The other good scenes in this game are Nina and Hinata. The former lists off Japanese cities and prefectures while getting pounded, while the latter gets pounded to the beat of "Wasshoi." Most of the others are pretty forgettable and/or homosexual/bisexual. I was pretty disappointed by Kokomi's scene. Despite being the closest thing to a "pure love" route in this game, AND having the best VA (the same VA as Yui), it just felt... meh. Illyasviel von Einsbern Kadowaki Mai was given a bad script, pure and simple, and it's a shame.
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