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Review of Itazura Love Hitoke no Nai Kouen de Shoujo to Ai o Hagukumou

SubjectItazura Love Hitoke no Nai Kouen de Shoujo to Ai o Hagukumou
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SomeDude on 2024-05-15
ReviewWasn't sure if I'd review this one, but after seeing this review, I felt a need to give my own take, considering I disagree with it about 200%. Which is fine, we're all entitled to our own perspectives, after all.

The problem with this game is that it's... bad. Like really bad. And not just because the animation is meh (later Sakuranbo games have MUCH better animation), but because the story is stupid, there's very little sex in a dang nukige, and the protagonist is one of the worst I've ever seen (and I've seen some really bad protagonists). Considering how the protagonist is supposed to be a self-insert of the player... the writer clearly hates his player base, which adversely affects the quality of this VN.

How bad is this protagonist? Well, he's so dumb that he can't guess that a girl, who looks like a ten-year-old elementary school girl, is in fact, EXACTLY what she looks like! The red backpack should have surprised absolutely no one ever! Not only that, but the vast majority of this game's story is the protagonist's monologue that shows how absurdly stupid he is, or some unnecessary phone dialogs with some female friend of his, who always reminds him how pathetic and worthless he is. Like seriously, can we stop focusing on how much of a Hetare this protagonist is for five lousy minutes? Oh, we get five lousy minutes of touchy not-sex with Shiiko... still haven't gotten to the intercourse... how many more Hetare monologues will we have to deal with until we get to the good part? Oh here it is, finally.... annnnd now the game is over. Great.

I guess it's trying to be funny, but when the player-insert protagonist is THAT pathetic... well, it's just facepalm fuel. If you play this game, skip EVERY scene that doesn't have Shiiko in it, and fast forward through the vast majority of it until you finally get to the good part.

That said... Shiiko is an absolutely adorable heroine. It's too bad they didn't focus the entire game on her charms and give her more actual sex scenes, rather than focus on how worthless and retarded the protagonist is.
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