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Review of Mashiro-iro Symphony

SubjectMashiro-iro Symphony
Mashiroiro Symphony HD -Love is Pure White-
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AngeVNs on 2024-05-18
ReviewThis visual novel is 'competent' for a moege, but tbh I don't see why it's so special. The characters are technically likable and well-written, but two of them are typical gap moe tsunderes (especially Sana who you need some insane patience to get to her "dere"), Sakuno is the typical boring "can step siblings get together" melodrama, and Miu is perfectly likable but not that notable as a mature senpai.

The visual novel incredibly overhypes a heroine's "first time" whether through multiple failed attempts or "specifically scheduled sex dates". The visual novel in general feels really slow at times especially compared to the decently paced common route.

The only thing I love about this game is Ange and that's only cuz her weird genki wholesome personality fits my tastes.
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2024-05-18 at 21:59
< report >Did you name yourself after Ange from this VN? Always wondered.
#2 by AngeVNs
2024-05-18 at 22:45
< report >#1 haha, surprisingly no. I never watched the Mashiroiro anime back in the day.

Ange is based on my real name.

That said, Mashifoni Ange was fantastic and def dont mind having a nickname similar to hers.
#3 by lusterveritith
2024-05-18 at 23:29
< report >Was also curious about it. Crazy combo of coincidences