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Review of Vampire Hunter

SubjectVampire Hunter
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cheekyman07 on 2024-05-18
ReviewCarrying on with my recent newfound pass time of reading random low-tier stuff for amusement comes this game that barely qualifies as a VN on technicality. Sometimes you can find a nice hidden gem of a story, this time it was a hot steamy turd. The entire story takes place in an alleyway and reads like a fanfic I could have written if I was like 10, but it's badly written, so a special tier of terrible.

From killing each other to all of a sudden falling in love and wanting to found a new kingdom of peace in the span of 5mins, never mind the corpses scattered on the ground after the fight or anything. Let's hug and kiss now, That's it, the end. That's the story.

It avoided a 1 because it functioned properly and was amusing in a badfunny sort of way.
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