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Review of Miyue Lütu

SubjectMiyue Lütu
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cheekyman07 on 2024-05-18
ReviewThe first 1/10 I have given to a game, and pretty deserved too. A technical shitshow to the point where I was too annoyed afterward to finish it, not that there's anything interesting that it had to offer anyway.

The way the audio worked had to be the dumbest thing I have dealt with in any game. It took a bit to get it to function properly. The base sound level of the game is super high, and the game music is loud compared to everything else like the VA etc, which normally is not a problem since you could just turn it down and raise other audio levels, but that's where the issues start.

For whatever dumb as hell reason the SFX volume is tied to the mixer for the app (overall volume on the desktop) but it only comes into effect when you enter the next scene. Without knowing this you can get your eardrums blasted out, or the opposite where the game mutes itself if you turn SFX to 0.

So to paint that scenario (since it's kind of difficult to explain) I turn the game down in the mixer to like 10% and the music down to 10% while leaving the SFX at like 100% and the voice acting to 100% since for some reason they are a lot quieter than the music. I play the game, the next scene happens, and all of a sudden the audio mixer volume goes back to 100% turning the entire game back up again and I not knowing this had the pleasure of having that sudden volume rise blast my eardrums.

I later figured out SFX was to blame, and I turned that down to 10% as well, which in turn affected the mixer volume the same way and got the balance needed. The overall game volume was now too quiet like this, and I needed to turn it up with something else (so that the game could not fuck it up) to have it loud enough (i.e. a headsets slider).

So yeah that was my first like 30mins experience with this game of just trying to get the messed up audio to function. So onto the game.. there were other missing features like - No way to scroll back, and no settings other than saving and audio. Needing to return to the title to load. No skip functions. The fastest text setting is not fast enough and there's no instant text. Other glitches or bugs like freezing/crashing or frame drops etc.

Anyway moving on from that, what about the actual game and story? pretty shit, all over the place because it spams flashbacks/changes what point of the story it's at randomly. Not much of a story, some bare basics gameplay that is largely pointless fluff and not needed, and what seems to be the main point of the game - The ero scenes were poorly timed/placed and nothing special. That's pretty much it, and I was not interested in finishing up the game to completion due to the technical annoyances.

Not worth reading, unless you feel like delving through b grade or worse content to time waste or for amusement etc.
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