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Review of Wanko to Kurasou

SubjectWanko to Kurasou
ByVote: 9barfboy on 2020-11-16
ReviewWhat can I say about Wanko to Kurasou? There's plenty of loli and it's very cute loli, but surprisingly that's not why you need to play this. The game punches you in the gut right from the start. Dog and cat girls live in this world. They're animals and pets. They're not very smart, they can hardly care for themselves, and the game even explains that if they're not around humans enough they will forget how to speak and revert to being feral animals.

From the start Yusa Yuuichi ... wait, is that what he looks like? Holy shit. The game makes him out to be a pretty masculine dude, that was unexpected. Wow. Anyway, right from the start Yuuichi does not want to get involved in other people's problems He passes up Mikan in a cardboard box 3 times. Knowing full well that she will die before the night is over if she's left out in the cold. Finally he takes Mikan home and that's how our story begins. Mikan is someone's dog, she has an owner, she's lost or she ran away from home and sadly in this case Mikan's owner is dead. She can't accept that her owner is gone, she's just a dog, she's not smart, she doesn't know how to deal with death, she runs away from Oumi Risa and ends up tossed away in a cardboard box waiting to die because all she knows is how to be faithful to her owner.

By god this game. It hits you. It keeps on hitting you. It's not a cute doggirl game. Well, it IS a cute doggirl game but it's a serious visual novel with a very serious plot. Risa's route is the best. Mikan and Silviana are not heroines despite all the sex Yuuichi has with them both. And GODDAMN is there a lot of sex with Mikan and Silvie. Still, they don't have routes, not like Risa or Mochizuki Nadeshiko who have proper routes. Risa's route though Yuuichi starts to form a family with Risa and Mikan. Slowly opening up more and more to the idea of sharing his life with them and letting himself be happy and content. He goes from an asshole who was going to let Mikan die alone in the cold to a man wanting companionship with Risa and letting her take over his life. Makes you want to get married. A wonderful route for a wonderful game.

I never did Nadeshiko's route. I liked Mikan and Risa too much. I hear it's good. Even so, if all you ever play is Risa's route this game, DAMN THIS GAME is so incredibly good you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't pick it up.


#1 by schlaefer
2020-11-18 at 11:14
< report >Interesting. I also didn't read Nadeshiko's route because I had zero interest in her.
I liked Risa's route because the different take on relationships, being more pragmatic than romantic.