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Review of Shiniyuku Kishi, Isekai ni Hibiku Danmatsuma

SubjectShiniyuku Kishi, Isekai ni Hibiku Danmatsuma
Shiniyuku Kishi, Isekai ni Hibiku Danmatsuma
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Tiuku on 2024-05-21
ReviewI first want to say that I love Bug System's other games with this team; they are great stories exploring complex human emotions from love to hate, and everything in-between - with some nice guro.
NikuNiku2, though?
This time the Superior Being is a young boy, so his cruelty has this playfulness to it - which Banya uses to make some really imaginative executions. Too bad the game is all over the place and missing what made the previous games great, though. No complex characters, themes, or dilemmas.
It feels like they just wanted to make nonsense monster girl cooking guro fest.
Which in itself is fine by me, but not something I expected from a game that carries the Nikuniku title.
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