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Review of Boku no Shiranai Gamen no Kanojo ~Hamedori Kaihatsu Sareteita Koibito no Karada~

SubjectBoku no Shiranai Gamen no Kanojo ~Hamedori Kaihatsu Sareteita Koibito no Karada~
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Vote: 8.5
otbasar on 2024-05-21
ReviewA short, nice visual novel with good characters and story.
Depending on your choice, could be a good love story, NTR story or breaking up story.
Characters are really good written. Especially heroine takes the cake.
She is a solid character and cares about protagonist and really loves him.
My overal rating for this game 8.5. To be specific,
Characters: 10/10
Voice Acting: 7/10
Scenes: 8/10
Story: 10/10
If protagonist believes herself she doesn't betray to him and sticks to protagonist tightly.
If protagonist doesn't believe her she immediately breaks up with him. She got a firm character.
And if protagonist enjoys her past videos and new videos, she breaks up with him again. Since she got a firm character, no bullshit happens.
Protagonist's best friend also is really best friend. If protagonist tells him to heroine is his girlfriend, he immediately destroys heroines dvd's, but if he just shuts his mouth, he gets heroine for himself. Also his brother respects protagonist as well, so nothing weird happens unless protagonist behaves like a piece of shit and can't do about his girlfriends sex tapes.
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