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Review of SuccuSeka ~Yuuwaku ni Makenaide: Succubus ni Kanri Sareta Sekai de~

SubjectSuccuSeka ~Yuuwaku ni Makenaide: Succubus ni Kanri Sareta Sekai de~
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cheekyman07 on 2024-05-21
ReviewThe premise of this game gives a pretty strong first impression that it will only be a Nukige, with its overall design and setting all pointing to an obvious aspect. To my surprise though, it has more to offer than that.

The protagonist and main heroine are genuinely likable characters and the development of the relationship and chemistry between the two was charming, funny, and overall nicely done. The storytelling is pretty decent and the biggest surprise is that overall more effort than I expected was put into this game.

I appreciate having all the convenient and useful settings and menus, as well as a pretty clean gui in general. It is well made, easy to use, and saves time. You would think that's not exactly impressive but it's shocking just how many VN's neglect what I consider expected and basic qol settings that all VN's should have. So it's worth acknowledging.

The route structure is pretty easy to go through, after finishing once there will be new options for a second playthrough. I can't go into specifics for spoiler reasons, but I can say you should read both routes. There's not much in the way of worldbuilding/character development, but it's understandable for a short game like this.

There is one sour point to mention. There are some unavoidable scenes later in the game, but at the very least they serve a storytelling purpose. It depends on the reader and may or may not bother you. I prefer having choices, there was always a decision up until that point with the game generally feeling good-natured, this unexpected change was a bit of a sour point for me, but it's only a few relatively short scenes that can be skipped if desired. To the game's credit though, the vast majority of the main story is pretty light so I did not mind that much.

To sum this game up - What I initially appeared to be a short mediocre Nukige subverted my expectations and turned out to have a decent story that was entertaining to read with some funny and charming romance between the two main characters. It's not outstanding and has some low points but it was a lot better than I thought it would be.
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