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Review of Moroznyj Poceluj

SubjectMoroznyj Poceluj
Moroznyj Poceluj
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L1zOON4ik on 2024-05-21
ReviewOf all the parodies I've read lately, this is objectively one of the good mods that I recommend reading.

If you don't have anything else to read, this is a pretty decent read.

Let's start with the pros:

1) The author tried to convey the original character of the characters and it looks pretty cool. Nice to read this.

2) Good drawing of sprites.

3) Plot. Semyon and other girls are preparing to celebrate the New Year. The guy is decorating the Christmas tree; Slavya, Lena and Ulyana prepare the festive table, Alisa buys the missing products, Masha comes in time. From the moment Alice brings the heavy packages, the elections begin from which you will switch to a certain route with the girl.

4) What kind of routes do we have?

Masha - Our main character is watching a girl’s performance on her phone. Although he doesn’t like this kind of music, the way Masha looks natural at these concerts fascinates him.
Slavya - we stand on the roof and hand the girl new gloves. She lost the old ones somewhere. Lena, our main character, is still an amoeba to confess his love to the one for whom he has sympathy. But in the end, Lena accepts us and our gift and gently kisses us on the cheek.
Alice - we get stuck in the elevator, but it brings us closer in the end.
Ulyana - we set off fireworks, throw snowballs and make a snowman.

My first route was with Miku. Not that it was perfect...

My personal top list:
1) Ulyana.
2) Masha.
3) Alice.
4) Slavya.
5) Lena.

And now I’ll tell you the main disadvantage: Some routes will not be for everyone. It seems to me personally that in all the routes, except for Ulyana, there is a bit of shoddy work.
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