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Review of Emily is Away <3

SubjectEmily is Away <3
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meowdoka0 on 2024-05-24
ReviewI didnt see anyone add a review for this game so i decided to myself. Overall, its a decent game on its first playthrough. You dont really need to play any of the emily games before this one, but you can optionally if you want a better understanding of the story, which i did after completing the first game.

I realized the people who made this game obviously handle shorter games far better like the first two were. Which is why i highly recommend you play one route and one route only.

The thing is, this game is sweet. For what it is its good. but the major drawback is that every route is the same up until the very end (which hardly changes by the way). The two only heroines are described as complete opposite and throughout the first few messages you can see how obvious the devs wanted to make them different.

Do you know how you make two characters different? Give them different dialog. Throughout the whole game, right after you start dating the heroine, the dialog is THE EXACT SAME FOR BOTH OF THEM. Literally no changes in the slightest. PLEASE just play one route as doing otherwise is a complete waste of time. Same endings, same story, literally the same playthrough over and over again.

The story is great. Once. Thats it
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