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Review of Amazing Grace -What color is your attribute?-

SubjectAmazing Grace -What color is your attribute?-
Amazing Grace —What color is your attribute?—
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AprilSeventeen on 2024-05-25
ReviewAmazing Grace is an intriguing "moeplotge' / mysteryge that kept me hooked from beginning to the end.
At its core, it's a mystery, and the VN did a good job of developing the mystery and setting while laying suble hints throughout the story while keeping it engaging.
The beginning is rather slowly paced, but the story picks up once we reach the main plot. I liked how the writers incorporated the theme of religion and classical art into the story and theme of Amazing Grace.
Credit to the characters too, this is one of the rare titles where every characters had their moments to shine and in the end, I ended up seeing every single one of them positively. It's hard to pick a favorite here. There are some unanswered questions but some are things we can solve by doing a bit more research.
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