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Review of As We Know It

SubjectAs We Know It
As We Know It
ByVote: 7publicnuisance on 2020-11-16
ReviewI was a Kickstarter backer for As We Know It so you could say I was pretty sold on the idea early on. That lends itself to a certain amount of expectations and hype. I would say that overall it met them pretty well. It wasn’t perfect but it did many things well.

The game does a good job of giving you many options in terms of who you can become friends with; who you can romance; what job you perform and much more. It felt like it was more my story than some other visual novels that give little choice in the story. The story itself was actually very good for the most part. You play the role of a woman who, along with her mother, gets to join an underground city that offers safety in a post apocalyptic world. It is a big adjustment as you are not used to safety and luxury. Along from making decisions about your personal life you get embroiled in some difficult decisions regarding issues the city faces. There were some repetitive parts where after work each day you choose how you want to spend the rest of your day and while it isn’t always the same things happening I would say about 90% of the sequences are. The ending to the game, at least the ending I received, felt rather abrupt. The game did a great job building up my relationhips with people and building tension as you know something strange is going on in the city but the ending itsself felt like it came out of nowhere and didn’t give much resolution to the story. There are dozens of different endings though so maybe others are different.

I played As We Know It on Linux. It never crashed once on me. I did encounter one bug but it was an engine bug. If I put the game in fullscreen mode it would always go to my monitor on the right not my left monitor regardless of which was set as primary. This was a bug with the Ren’Py engine not specific to As We Know It as it happened on various Ren’Py games I tried. It was fixed with the most recent version of Ren’Py (7.2.1). I noticed no spelling errors. Alt-Tab worked fine. There were the option of manual saving whenever you want and ten pages of save slots. While playing the game my CPU usage was at 1% and my system RAM usage was at 2.1GB. I played version 1.021 from

I paid $20 CAD for As We Know It and while there were a lot of good parts to the game I would say $10 felt like more what it was worth. It has a demo though so anyone who likes visual novels, especially ones that deal with post apocalyptic settings and ones that have various endings, should give it a go. You can do far worse in the genre.

My Score: 7/10

My System:

AMD Ryzen 5 2600X | 16GB DDR4-3000 CL15 | MSI RX 580 8GB Gaming X | Mesa 19.2.1 | Manjaro 18.1 | Mate 1.22.2 | Kernel 5.3.6-1-MANJARO