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Review of Sei Dorei Gaiden ~Mesuinu Sousakan Asahi no Sennyuu Report~

SubjectSei Dorei Gaiden ~Mesuinu Sousakan Asahi no Sennyuu Report~
Sei Dorei Gakuensai ~Remaster Complete Box~ Download Edition
ByVote: 6vario on 2020-11-16
ReviewAs you can guess, Sei Dorei Gaiden is a short Sei Dorei Gakuen spin-off. And it was entirely written and plotted by Izumi Ban'ya, the author of Mugen Renkan and some other famous games.

Police sends their new officer to secretly investigate rumors about crimes in a certain high school. And then, well... It's a Sei Dorei nukige about turning a girl into a slave.

My biggest complaint is h spam in the second half but the game itself is very short so it wasn't that painful. Plot is a bit silly at times because characters are making some weird excuses to not go to the police but get raped again. But everything makes sense in the end so the story is still kinda enjoyable. In particular, the ending was not bad and I more or less liked the execution of that scene with the principal. So I don't regret reading it.

In case you're afraid of getting into a big series, the story of Sei Dorei Gaiden is self-contained and you should easily understand everything. There are some side characters from previous games (Izumi wrote a part of the Miyu's route from Seidorei Onna Kyoushi but he did it according to someone else's plot) but you won't miss anything serious.

In the end, I can't really recommend Sei Dorei Gaiden but it should be good enough to get a feel of this type of nukige.