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Review of Rose Guns Days

SubjectRose Guns Days
Rose Guns Days -The Best-
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PapaEthanF on 2024-05-29
ReviewAnother exhilarating experience from 07th Expansion. Rose Gun Days covers a range of themes: patriotism and nationalism, power and corruption, racism, and more. Told over the course of four years, the respective stories of each year all have their own merits, but aren't without flaws.

I found the first half of 1947 to be painfully dull, but the grand ending greatly increased my opinion of the year by the end of it. 1948 was more consistent than its predecessor, but didn't have highs that were nearly as high. 1949 was enthralling as well, but ended a bit abruptly, and I wish it explored the new characters it introduced more thoroughly. Lastly, 1950 wound down the story quite nicely, but I was somewhat mixed on some of the final, muddled messages it tried to impart (racism is fine as long as it's voted for democratically?).

Additionally, the big action set pieces were my favorite highlight from Rose Gun Days, but their impact was slightly dulled by the inclusion of a minigame that replaced the usual descriptions in writing of action expected of a visual novel with implied action from a limited set of manga-esque artwork. Speaking of artwork, it certainly isn't a highlight of the game, whether its the clashing styles of the character sprites or the grainy, filtered real-life photographs used for backgrounds.

At the end of a day, Rose Gun Days is an enjoyable story of mafia, crime, and politics, and is commendable for being absent of almost any typical visual novel tropes, but it's not without its own flaws.
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