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Review of Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!

SubjectLilycle Rainbow Stage!!!
Lilycle Rainbow Stage!!!
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Vote: 7.5
silly on 2024-05-29
ReviewAlright, so if you're considering reading this, it basically boils down to whether you like yuri or not

Lilycle Ranbow Stage has a ton of cutesy character interactions and romance. A few of the characters are a bit tropey, but I didn't mind too much. Some of the routes can also feel a bit disconnected, especially the ones involving Tamaki, Yuuno and Saeka

While the art isn't anything amazing in and of itself, I really, really like the color scheme. It gives the whole VN an innocent, childish feel to it that made me feel super nostalgic
I guess the soundtrack also captures that childish tone pretty well, but it's nothing special

So overall, it's a really cute, relaxing read. If you like yuri, I highly recommend it
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