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Review of fault - milestone two Jou

Subjectfault - milestone two Jou
fault - milestone two side:above
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PapaEthanF on 2024-05-29
ReviewWhile fault - milestone two side: above has many of the same issues as fault - milestone one—long sections of exposition, some heavy-handed moralizing, the best scenes being almost exclusively in the first quarter—their frequency is significantly reduced.

Additionally, the side-story that it focuses on is substantially more impactful and better written. The characters are more realized, the explanations for their behavior is more natural, and the pacing especially is greatly improved: the progression of the story actually flows smoothly from exposition to rising action to climax to conclusion, unlike milestone one's drawn-out exposition, sudden climax, and unsatisfying conclusion. Likewise, the moral takeaways that the author tries to impart, while still feeling somewhat unnatural, feel much less shoehorned in than in milestone one.

I am a little peeved that the best character, Ritona, was absent for much of the story, and that Selphine essentially becomes a completely different character during that time, but the former at least is no different than what happened in milestone one.

Overall, fault - milestone two side: above is a flawed story, but it is a much needed improvement compared to the series's first installment. Even if you're on the fence about this game after playing milestone one, I think it's worth it to give it a chance.
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