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Review of I/O

I/O revision II
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PapaEthanF on 2024-05-29
ReviewOverall a good story, but definitely mixed when comparing route to route.

Route A is lightning in a bottle—a near perfect, if not simply perfect, sci-fi mystery story. The other 0.1/1.0 routes are also quite great, but don't compare to Route A. The ending of the true route, Route E, is also a satisfying ending to the story; and really, it should have ended here because the prime routes are a bit of a drag. Routes D' and C' are not very good, especially D'—I usually read this in approximately three hour chunks, but after finishing route D' in about an hour and a half I was too bored to read any more. Routes B' and A' do pick up a bit; in particular, I thought that route B' was among the best individual routes in the game. It's not quite in competition with the immaculate Route A, but it's certainly better than Routes B-D and the other prime routes; about on par with Route E. Lastly, Route E' is an incredibly unsatisfying ending. It felt like it shifted the focus and overall point of the story away from the parts of it that were good and onto characters whom I felt didn't get the foreshadowing and setup necessary to become the focus of the true-true ending.

All in all, I/O has a lot of great elements—I get the feeling that the multiple meanings and parallels between certain characters within the story, as well as parallels between those characters and Mesopotamian mythology, would become clearer and feel much more satisfying on a re-read—but the execution and assembly of those elements leaves—not much—but at least a little to be desired.
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